Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spice Jars

Initially, I would label myself as a non-crafty person but I guess that's not entirely right.  I've made a few things - including a pink graduation cap when Ruby turned 6 months old and "graduated" from our Mommy/Baby group (don't worry, I'm rolling my own eyes at myself right now). I also transformed a baby lion costume into a baby Big-Bad-Wolf costume to go with Ruby's Red Riding Hood Halloween costume (which I bought). Ok, I also fashioned myself a Granny costume to go along with the theme and to try to bag myself a few chocolate bars whilst trick-or-treating this past Halloween.  I also used to cross stitch and at one point in my life I used to knew how to knit.  I used to be able to draw too. 

So I guess my lack of crafting comes from lack of time and energy and also lack of crafts that I actually want to spend my "spare" time doing.

One thing I also didn't spend my time doing over the past year was being the mom that made her kid baby food.  I did it for about a two week span and then decided I wasn't organized enough / didn't have the time / couldn't be bothered. 

So one day when I was surfing the internet (instead of making baby food) I came across this awesome idea. And since I'd been saving baby food jars, I already had the first thing I needed! 

Last Friday I decided that I was finally going to go ahead and do this thing.  I have THE smallest (and most crowded) kitchen on the planet so clearing out the cupboard where I keep my spices would free up some much needed cupboard space.

So off I headed to the craft store - to which I am a stranger and felt totally out of place trying to find the supplies I needed.  Total cost of the supplies was $60. And that included this... thing, which I bribed my kids with to stop crying and whining and ripping items off the shelves of Michaels...

It also included this cool hot glue gun which I didn't really need but wanted...

Once home I took stock of my spices - and I had a lot of them. More than I realized because they were crammed into a cupboard where I couldn't see half of them...

And then I made sure I had enough jars, which I most certainly did (and then some)...

So after the kids were in bed and I had a glass of wine poured, I got to work cutting out labels. The god forsaken, millions of god damned circles.  By the time I was done, my gnarled hand had to be pried free of the scissors. 

There is not enough wine in the world to make me want to cut out that many circles ever again.  (Beer maybe, but not wine.)

That was when the realization hit me that this project was not going to be finished in one day.  Or two for that matter.

The next day I utilized the kid's nap time to cut out the paper strips for wrapping around the jars, wrote out the labels for each spice and used Mod Podge for the first time in my life.  For the record, I think Mod Podge is cool shit.  I will have my eye open now for other things I can Mod Podge around the house.

I tried to do some gluing of labels and wrappers in the afternoon when the kids were awake but then they made themselves a self-serve cereal buffet and I had to stop...

(At least the whines of "I'm huuuuungry" stopped for a while.)

When bedtime FINALLY came last night, I got busy Mod Podging and was able to complete the jar portion of this ordeal...
Finally, today I had Steve run interference while I finished the lids.  This was trickier than I thought.  Turns out the two sticks of glue that came with the cool hot glue gun were enough for about 3 lids.

And then the glue wouldn't adhere to the lids.  Or I wasn't fast enough on the glue gun draw. 

Whatever, either way I had to go back to the store to find an alternative.  I ended up picking up some "LocTight" superglue which worked awesome. 

Then, it was all done except for transferring the spices into their new jars.  During this time I had odd and sudden cravings for garlic bread, butter chicken, souvlaki and pumpkin pie.  I also discovered that baby jars will shatter when dropped and that garlic powder is oddly "sticky" on a tile floor.

In the end, I am extremely happy with the results.  I think they look cool, they're functional and they've given me more cupboard space.

There is actually many more than shown here, I ended up with 35 jars of spice.

So I guess the summary is that I do have the ability to be somewhat crafty, should I find the wine time, and need for the item I am crafting.

Note: I did exactly as directed on this blog post. The only thing I changed up, as I mentioned, was the glue used to attach the magnets to the lids.  It's a great project but as she says in this post (which I obviously didn't read until it was too late), it takes a bit of time and only a little skill.


  1. looks great!! i might have to try this out too. we are space challenged in this house.

  2. Wow, I love it!!. One question, what are they stuck on? Is it the side of your fridge?


  3. Corney - yes, that is the side of my fridge!

  4. Dude, those are insanely cool. I'm so jealous. Make me some?

    Please don't through a jar at my head... I was only asking!

  5. Now I just need a baby so can get that many jars.

    PS. I bought one of those ball things last year. Tip: Don't leave it out in the sun. It will melt the little spiky things right off and will become sticky. Ours lasted less than 6 days.

  6. Wow, the side of your fridge???? Pretty cool! I will have to keep baby food jars after this one and make some (different colours/design of course). Sorry, but I'm gonna copy you!!!!

  7. Wait. My fridge is encased in cupboards. Both sides & top. Hmmmm.....

  8. what magnet sheets did you use?

  9. also did you use small or medium baby food jars?